Our Process In Under 1 Minute

Making a Video Process

A simple explanation of the steps we take you through to deliver an effective video!

Our Process

From start to finish, we maintain open communication with you. No surprises, just quality content.


We meet. We discuss your specific objective for the video and the customer response you are looking for.

Next we present the possible strategies for achieving the customer response you want. Once we pin-point the focus of the video, we create a shotlist and/or storyboard to maximize our efficiency during production. After we recieve your approval on the shotlist/storyboard we set production dates!

Part1 of the video process
Part2 Planning the video process


It's shoot day(s)! This an exciting, fast-paced time where we get all of the shots that we so carefully planned out during our pre-production phase. You are on set with us and able to see your project begin to come to life!

Depending upon the complexity of your project this may be a brief afternoon shoot or a multi-day production phase. Once the last scene is captured, thats a wrap! Into post-production we go.


We planned, we strategized, we got our shots, now its time to put it all together!

First we put together a "content edit" for you to review and ensure the project is on track and absolutely hitting the objective. After confirming everything is on-track we dial it into perfection with any motion graphics, music, intro/outro, vfx, or sfx your project may require. Lastly, we send you the polished version for your distribution and the growth of your business!

Part3 of the video process