A team of efficient and skilled individuals.

About NiceTake

Our goal is your success.
When you create a video with us, our mission is to create a remarkably effective piece that achieves your specific goal.

Of course we make it beautiful and visually outstanding, but we also ensure it communicates effectively and makes the most out of your audience's valuable time.

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Our Business Model

Everyone is more busy than ever, we make it as convenient as possible to obtain a high-quality video. Over the years we have developed a workflow that has allowed us to drop the overhead expense of a costly space in South Orange County. We pass those savings on to you and deliver better quality for the price than anyone around.

We Learn Your Industry

We take the time to learn what your audience appreciates most and tailor our video to fit their needs. The most impactful messaging is developed for the audience it will be delivered to. We take the extra steps to ensure your video is on target and relevant.

We Value Relationships

A huge part of creating an effective video is collaboration. The best results are achieved through close collaboration. The best collaboration is achieved through cultivated relationships.

What makes us different?
  • We value you, your input, your time, & your business.
  • We understand there is a greater goal than our own artistic vision.
  • We are flexible. Projects always evolve and we pivot well.
  • We are honest and transparent. Have a question? Just ask!
  • We do what we say we will do. Every Time. No Exceptions.
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Video and 3D
our core team
Delivering quality work and a wonderful experience.
Meet Spenser
Advice on how to effectively deliver your content? He knows where and how to place content for maximum impact.
Spenser Steele
Marketing Director
Meet Anthony
Light it, shoot it, render it, program it? This guy knows what it takes to get it done right.
Anthony Mascari
Technical Director
Meet Karrina
Lots of moving parts? Karrina handles the hard things. If it's logistics, it's no problem.
Karrina Gilbert
Office Manager
Meet Larry
Does it need to look amazing? YES. IT DOES. Here is the guy with the eye. It won't deliver until he approves.
Larry Mascari
Creative Director