Read about how pricing works below.

video production

How our pricing Process works

We discuss your need, and what type of video may best meet that need.

Discuss Details

We discuss any cost-effecting details in order to produce your high quality video.

Issue Estimate

Before we begin, we send you an estimate that has a breakdown of different costs and the total estimated cost for your project.


We send you an invoice after the project has been completed and you are absolutely satisfied with the final product.

Every project is unique and filled with variables. From locations, to lighting, number of cameras and crew requirements.
Our Approach

Our aim is to give accurate estimates from the beginning and sticking to that number. If your requirements for the project change along the way no worries, we will send you an updated estimate for you to approve before you incur any additional cost. We always do our best to stay under budget and pride ourselves at succeding unless additional client requirements arise.

Why not just have set pricing?

Due to the diverse nature of project requirements, we are not able to have just one set of pricing (the list would literally be hundreds of items long). We do have a simple "Request Estimate" form that takes less 1 minute to fill out that you may submit. This estimate will give you a close approximation of what you should expect to spend on your video.

Let us send you an estimate!

No obligation, no committment, no hassle. We would love to work with you now or even just help you in budget planning for your future video. You will love your new video!

Request Estimate